Facilitating a fun, safe environment for kids to be themselves

What is KidsConnect?

KidsConnect is a fun and interactive online platform where kids can meet in a secure digital space, play Minecraft and chat through Discord. It is open to young people aged 7 to 17 who are living in Australia with juvenile arthritis. The Minecraft games are run and moderated by JAFA and are designed to help kids with juvenile arthritis connect with each other in a fun and safe online environment.


Reducing isolation

Having juvenile arthritis can often feel quite isolating, especially when kids need to have time off school or can’t physically join in the usual playground games or sporting events. Isolation is even more problematic for those who live in geographically remote areas. KidsConnect aims to reduce this isolation by supporting kids online and helping them to have fun with their peers. It can also help them navigate issues relating to mental health, social relationships and self-esteem.

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