Because kids with arthritis deserve better

About JAFA

The Juvenile Arthritis Foundation Australia (JAFA) is the primary organisation representing children with juvenile arthritis and their families in Australia. It was named Emerging Not-for-Profit (NFP) of the Year in the 2021 Third Sector Awards.


JAFA is a fully registered national charity with DRG1 status. 

It was founded in 2019 in response to the urgent need for a national voice dedicated exclusively to representing and addressing the needs of children and adolescents with arthritis and related rheumatic diseases (referred to collectively by JAFA as juvenile arthritis) and their families and carers.


A message from our Founders..

“We have spent a professional lifetime working in diabetes and related chronic diseases in the public health system, the university sector and internationally. When our grandchild was diagnosed we were truly shocked by the lack of services and support for children with juvenile arthritis and their families”


JAFA’s primary aims are to:

  • Raise awareness of juvenile arthritis among politicians and government, the education sector, the broader community and potential funders.
  • Lobby governments to provide optimal and accessible health care and support for children and adolescents with juvenile arthritis.
  • Influence and partner with funders to invest in research into the causes, treatment, care and possible cure for juvenile arthritis.


What we do 

1. Supporting families, building community

2. Political advocacy to improve services and support

JAFA conducts ongoing political advocacy campaigns to improve health policy, services and support for juvenile arthritis. Examples include: 

3. Raising and leveraging research funding

JAFA works with government, private partners and the paediatric rheumatology community to leverage and raise funds for research to:

Download the Annual Report

Find out more (Annual Report 2022)

Download the Annual Report

Find out more (Annual Report 2021)

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where kids really don’t get arthritis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to stop pain and disability in children with arthritis through:

• earlier diagnosis, improved treatment, care and support
• increased professional, community, and political awareness and advocacy
• building communities of influence to fund vital research and programs.

Our Values

JAFA strives to be an innovative, agile, effective and influential force that is:

• unwavering in its dedication to meeting the needs of children and young people with arthritis, and their families and carers
• open and transparent in all its dealings
• strategic, and receptive to ideas and opportunities
• sensitive to and respectful of diversity and differences
• a supportive collaborator.