Get Involved

You can help stop pain and disability in kids with arthritis

Everyone can do something

There are many ways you can help JAFA to help children and young people with arthritis. Everyone can do something.


JAFA needs funds so it can advocate for medical research and run its programs. So we are always very grateful for donations.


But there are other ways of helping too. For example, talking to other people about juvenile arthritis can help to spread awareness. Writing to your local Member of Parliament to advocate for better services can also help.

Raising awareness

Juvenile arthritis is one of the most common serious chronic childhood diseases, yet it is grossly under-recognised and under-funded. Here are three things that anyone can do to help us raise awareness about juvenile arthritis:

Ask about it

Ask your GP about juvenile arthritis. Ask your MP or make a call call to talk back radio. Ask why awareness is so low and why we don’t have better services for the 6,000 plus kids in Australia who have juvenile arthritis.  

Write about it

Write about juvenile arthritis on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn; or even write a blog about it. Write a short story about your child’s journey and see if you can get it published in a magazine, newsletter or your local paper.

Talk about it

Talk about it to people you know. Just talking about juvenile arthritis to friends, neighbours, teachers and work colleagues helps to spread more awareness.


JAFA would love to harness the value of ‘Grandpower’ and welcome more grandparents to help our cause. We believe there are many grandparents with excellent skills and experience (and maybe some spare time) who may be willing and able to help us.


JAFA would welcome grandparents with knowledge in business administration, HR, public policy, health and education policy or practice, media, journalism, advertising,  public relations, ICT, web design, academia, research, finance / accounting, public policy, government and/or government bureaucracies, advocacy, law, medicine – to name a few.


We are keen to trial Grandpower so please let the grandparents in your life know that they can register their interest or obtain further information by contacting Ruth Colagiuri, JAFA’s Director of Policy and Strategy.