JAFA Symposia Series

Hear from leading practitioners about juvenile arthritis

JAFA runs a regular educational online symposia series on Critical Issues in Juvenile Arthritis, to help parents, older children and young people navigate the health system and keep up with new developments in the management of juvenile arthritis.


Leading paediatric rheumatologists, nurses, physios and other professionals share their knowledge and expertise on advances in treatment, services, health policy and research. Each symposium features a popular 30 minute Q&A with an Expert Panel of speakers.


See videos of previous symposia and information about the upcoming symposia below.

Symposia Series

Minding Mental Health in children with juvenile arthritis

This JAFA online symposium shines a light on the link between chronic childhood conditions and mental ill health. Expert speakers outline what is known about the nature and extent of the problem and focus on emerging approaches for reducing the impact of these diseases
on the child and family.

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Symposia Series

Uveitis & Pain Management

Held on the eve of World Arthritis Day, this symposium features talks by leading Australian paediatric rheumatologists, a senior ophthalmology specialist in Uveitis, and a highly experienced physiotherapist.

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