Why Support JAFA?

Your support can change lives

Juvenile arthritis is under-recognised, under-served and under-funded.
Kids with arthritis deserve better

You can help change the lives of Australian children living with juvenile arthritis, a painful and debilitating autoimmune disease.
Your generous support, in whatever form, will help children with juvenile arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. In the video below you can hear their stories in their own words.

Your support contributes to:

  • Early diagnosis campaigns to ensure rapid access to effective treatment and reduce pain and long-term disability in children with arthritis and other childhood rheumatic diseases.
  • Vital research funding to better understand and combat the physical and mental impacts of juvenile arthritis and other rheumatic diseases; improve treatment methods, and ultimately find a cure.
  • Political advocacy for sustainable systems change to ensure optimal access to the right services in the right place and the right medications at the right time for all children with arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, no matter who they are or where they live.
  • Information and education to support families to understand and manage the treatment and daily challenges of a life with juvenile arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, and to advocate effectively for their child’s and their own needs for support.
  • Peer support programs connecting children who are socially isolated due to pain and physical limitations so they can share experiences with others like themselves, or simply hang out with someone who understands.

Did you know?

Juvenile arthritis and childhood rheumatic diseases are a group of painful, incurable, inflammatory autoimmune conditions affecting the joints, eyes and in some cases the skin, muscles and internal organs.

Up to 10,000 Australian children are living with juvenile arthritis

Low to little or no awareness

The prevalence of juvenile arthritis is similar to other serious childhood diseases such as diabetes and epilepsy and around six times more common than cystic fibrosis.

80% of children with juvenile arthritis experience pain every day

This means lost educational opportunities and limited participation in physical activities.

1 in 5 children with juvenile arthritis develop a serious eye inflammation known as uveitus

This is a serious threat to vision and can cause vision loss and possible blindness.

It can often take years to diagnose juvenile arthritis

Early diagnosis would reduce pain, deformities, and loss of vision.

30,000 people in Australia had their arthritis extend into adulthood

50% will have active disease as adults and 1 in 3 has a severe disability.