Australian Juvenile Arthritis Registry (AJAR)

What is AJAR?

AJAR is collecting essential data on children and young people in Australia who have juvenile arthritis (JIA) or other childhood rheumatic diseases (CRDs).

Why is this important?

Registries are vitally important in gathering information about the size, nature, and geographic and age-related distributions of a given health condition.

AJAR was launched in Parliament House Canberra in March 2023 by Assistant Health Minister Ged Kearney. Prior to this, Australia did not have a registry for JIA and other CRDs. That means we don’t know how many children and young people have these diseases or what happens to them.

AJAR collects basic information about JIA and other CRDs to support and inform health policy and advocacy, future service delivery and research into finding better treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

Who should register with AJAR?

Anyone ages 0-25yrs with JIA or other CRD

Who will know if I register?

AJAR has a secure online registration process and database for storing your de-identified information. Only a small number of essential AJAR staff members will know who has registered.

How long will it take to register with AJAR?

5-10 mins.

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