International WORD Day

World Young Rheumatic Diseases Day (WORD Day) was initiated by the European Network for Childhood Arthritis (ENCA) of which JAFA is a member, to seek recognition and urgent action on the plight of children and young people with Juvenile Arthritis and related diseases. It is held every year on March 18.

JAFA WORD Day Celebration March 18, Parliament House Canberra

In 2021 JAFA celebrated WORD Day with an event in Parliament House, Canberra, for MPs and guests to raise political awareness of the burden of Juvenile Arthritis on the children who have it, their families and the broader community. The event was sponsored by the Parliamentary Friends of Child and Adolescent Health: co-chaired by Dr Mike Freelander MP (Macarthur) and Dr Katie Allen MP (Higgins)

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